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Arndt, Kurt

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Born: 13.04.1909 in Pribsleben


  • served at least from 1936 as a Feldwebel in the 5th Company of Panzerregiment 1,

  • led the 3rd platoon of the 5th Company during the Polish and French Campaigns,

  • afterwards, he changed to a career as a Wehrmacht official and became a paymaster,

  • is listed in the ranks of Wehrmacht-Kommandantur Kassel in February 1944,

  • served then with the staff of III. Abteilung Panzerartillerie-Regiment 73, wich became Panzerartillerie-Regiment Brandenburg in late 1944,

  • after the war, according to the records of the WAst, research was carried out into his whereabouts, so it can be assumed that he died in the last days of the war or in captivity


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