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Bohlken, Erwin

Updated: Jan 1

Born: 09.07.1919 in Osternburg

Died: 06.11.1957 in Prisser

  • joined Panzerregiment 1 in November 1938,

  • served during the Polish, French and Russian Campaigns with the 8th Company,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier,

  • wounded in spring of 1942, transferred to Panzerersatzabteilung 1,

  • returned to the 8th Company of Panzerregiment 1 in late summer 1942,

  • severely wounded again on 21.12.1942 (artillery shell),

  • became a member of the 1st Company in the course of the reorganisation of the regiment in the spring of 1943,

  • remained with the company until the end of the war, last rank: Oberfeldwebel

  • died on 06.11.1957 in Prisser (West Germany)



Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross (17.03.1945), German Cross in Gold (01.06.1944), EKI (1942), EKII (1941), Golden Wound Badge (1945), Panzer Assault Badge Grade III for 50 Engagements (1945) , Eastern Front Medal (1942)

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