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Gierth, Erich

Born: 27.05.1911 in Cunnersdorf

Died: 23.09.1989 in Cunnersdorf

  • joined 4. Kraftfahr-Abteilung in October 1930,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier,

  • transferred to the 8th Lehrtrupp of Kraftfahrlehrkommando II Ohrdruf in July 1934,

  • became Schirrmeister of the 8th Company of Panzerregiment 1 in October 1935,

  • transferred in 1938 to the regimental staff of Panzerregiment 1, serving as Schirrmeister,

  • served during the Polish and French Campaigns with the regimental staff,

  • transferred to the Motorization School in February1941,

  • changed into a career of a Wehrmacht official, promotion to Technischer Inspektor (K) on 01.04.1943,

  • transferred to Panzerregiment 15 in June 1942,

  • changed into an officer career, promotion to Oberleutnant on 01.01.1945,

  • Erich Gierth survived the war and settled after 1945 in his hometown in East Germany



War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, Black Wound Badge

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