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Krämer, Helmut

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Born: 26.07.1919 in Gießen

Died: 11.08.2011 in Florida

  • Helmut Krämer joined Panzerregiment 1 in November 1938,

  • served during the Polish Campaign with the 3rd Company,

  • pursued the career of a reserve officer,

  • is listed in the ranks of Panzerersatzabteilung 25 in 1942,

  • transferred as a Leutnant to the 3rd Company of Panzerabteilung 160 in September 1942,

  • went into Soviet captivity during the battle at Stalingrad, last rank: Oberleutnant

  • managed to return home shortly after the war,

  • immigrated to the USA in 1956


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