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Müller, Walter

Born: 07.08.1913 in Tornau

MIA in Stalingrad

  • joined Panzerregiment 1 after 1935,

  • pursued the career of an NCO,

  • served during the Polish and French Campaigns as Unteroffizier and Feldwebel with Leichte Kolonne II,

  • transferred in August 1940 to the 3rd Company of Panzerabteilung A and shortly thereafter, to the 3rd Company of Panzerregiment 18,

  • trasferred in May 1942 to the 10th Company of Panzerregiment 18, serving as Schirrmeister,

  • transferred to the newly formed Panzerabteilung 160 (2nd Company),

  • is listed as missing in Stalingrad, last rank: Oberschirrmeister



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