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Volume 1

Panzerregiment 1
From origin to the Polish Campaign

Rico Unger  |  Daniel Jurt  |  Glen Hendricks

This book contains 636 pages and more than 650 photos most of which are unpublished.
Historical maps and situational overviews were converted into 48 modern maps. Drone photos of the battlefields, combined with original images, help bring those dramatic events to life.


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Panzerregiment 1 | from origin to Polish Campaign, Panzer, Wehrmacht, Panzer Wrapper, Tank, tank regiment, Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV

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Book review from Christian Schiller (Modellbau König)

Sample pages

„It's a very impressive book and totally a "must have" for every history enthusiast. Can't wait for vol.2!”

Radoslaw F., Poland


„Absolutely superb, thank you. Beautifully produced. Packed with info, maps, pictures and first-hand accounts. One of the very best unit histories I own (and I own several hundred...). It's a must for any serious collector/historian.”

Richard Hargreaves, UK

Journalist and book author

„An incredible wealth of information.”

M. Lenzin, Switzerland

Book author and

Capt. ret.,  Stab Pz Bat 3 (S2)

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