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Siebold, Eugen

born: 29.10.1900 in Freiburg

Died: 16.09.1978 in Wuppertal-Ronsdorf

  • joined Panzerregiment 1 after 1935,

  • is listed as Heeres-Hauptwerkmeister in the staff of I. Abteilung in 1938,

  • transferred to Panzer-Werkstatt-Kompanie (Workshop company) in the course of mobilization in August 1939,

  • remained in this position during the French and at the beginning of the Russian Campaigns,

  • slightly wounded on 28.01.1942, transferred to the hospital,

  • is listed on the staff of Heeres Unteroffizier Schule (NCO school) Eisenach in 1943,

  • further service in WWII unknown,

  • Eugen Siebold survived WWII and moved after 1945 to Wuppertal



War Merit Cross 2nd Class, Black Wound Badge (1942)

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