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Kaufmann, Johann

Born: 12.05.1916 in Audune le Tiche

Died: 21.10.1973 in Bedburg-Hau

  • Johann Kaufmann joined the military in the mid 1930´s and received his basic training in Dortmund,

  • transferred to the Panzertruppe and served with Panzerlehrabteilung Wünsdorf,

  • volunteered for service in the Spanish Civil War (Panzerabteilung "Thoma"), but was not allowed to go there because of his birth place in Lorraine (France after WWI),

  • transferred to Panzerregiment 1 and served during the Polish Campaign within Leichte Kolonne I,

  • left Panzerregiment 1 and served as a panzer driver with another panzer unit,

  • severely wounded at Rostov-on-Don in the Soviet Union,

  • was judged unfit for service and discharged from the army,

  • worked in Dortmund after leaving the hospital in 1942,

  • was bombed out by an allied air raid in 1943,

  • Johann Kaufmann surived WWII but needed medical treatment due to the effects of war until the end of his life


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