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Michel, Bruno

Born: 21.06.1913 in Windischholzhausen (Erfurt)

KIA: 27.10.1944 near Goldap

  • joined the training Eskadron of16. Reiter-Regiment in April 1933,

  • transferred to the 2nd Eskadron of 16. Reiter-Regiment in July 1933,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier,

  • transferred to the 5th Company of Panzerregiment 1 in October 1935 and to the 6th Company in October 1937,

  • transferred along with his company to the newly formed Panzerregiment 36 (8th Company) in November 1938,

  • served during the Polish and French Campaigns as a Unterfeldwebel and Feldwebel with the 8th Company of Panzerregiment 36,

  • transferred to Panzerersatzabteilung 35 in October 1940 and shortly thereafter, to the 6th Company of the newly formed Panzerregiment 21, serving as platoon leader,

  • changed to an officer career, promoted to Leutnant on 01.04.1943,

  • served afterwards as platoon leader (pioneer and reconaissance platoon) with the panzer Abteilung of Führer-Grenadier-Brigade,

  • KIA during the battle of East Prussia,



EKI (1941), EKII (1939), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver (1940), Black Wound Badge (1939), Eastern Front Medal (1942)

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