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Neubert, Ernst

Born: 15.06.1915 in Sandersdorf

Died: 04.04.2012

  • joined the 8th Company of Panzerregiment 1 in October 1937,

  • served during the Polish and French Campaigns as a panzer driver in the 8th Company,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier and started Schirrmeister training in early 1941,

  • transferred in June 1941 to the newly formed Panzerregiment 204,

  • transferred in 1943 along with his unit to the newly formed schwere Panzerabteilung 509 and served as maintance platoon leader,

  • served in 1945 as Oberfeldwebel and commander of a Königstiger,

  • was serverly wounded in April 1945 when his panzer was knocked out (loss of a leg),

  • settled (80 % war damage) after 1945 in Hagen (West Germany),



EKI (1945), EKII, Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Wound Badge (grade unknown), Crimea Shield

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