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Bunzel, Hans

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Born: 29.04.1915 in Haynau

Died: 12.11.1995 in Markt Neukirchen (suizid)

  • joined the 4. Kraftfahr-Abteilung in October 1933,

  • transferred to the 8th Lehrtrupp of Kraftfahrlehrkommando II Ohrdruf in June 1934,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier,

  • transferred in October 1935 to the 7th Company of Panzerregiment 1,

  • served as an Unterfeldwebel / Feldwebel with the maintanance squad of the 7th Company in the Polish and French Campaigns,

  • served as a panzer commmander with the 6th Company in the Russian Campaign,

  • transferred in June 1942 to the newly formed Panzerabteilung 116,

  • changed into an officer career, promotion to Leutnant on 30.04.1943,

  • transferred with his unit to the newly formed Panzerregiment 16 in May 1944 where he experienced the end of the war one year later,

  • settled after the war in East Germany, but moved in the 1950´s to Bavaria,

  • suizid in 1995 after a long and major illness



Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross (10.02.1943), German Cross in Gold (08.02.1944), EKI (1941), EKII (1940), Golden Wound Badge (1943), Panzer Assault Badge Grade III for 50 Engagements (1944), Eastern Front Medal (1942)

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