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Hellmut, Johannes

Born: 12.04.1914 in Besse (Kassel)

Died: 18.08.2005 in Nürnberg

  • Johannes Hellmuth joined the 7th Company of Panzerregiment 1 in October 1936,

  • he transferred in October 1937 to the 3rd Company of Panzerregiment 11 and left service one year later,

  • he was recalled in the course of mobilization in August 1939 and transferred to the 6th Company of Panzerregiment 2 where he experienced the French and Russian Campaigns,

  • he transferred in 1943 as a Feldwebel to the newly formed 4th Company of Panzerregiment 1 and served in the company´s maintance squad,

  • after the war, he settled in Nürnberg



EKII (1941), Black Wound Badge (1942), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Eastern Front Medal (1942)

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