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Herbert, Lothar

born: 05.12.1910 in Remscheid

died: 15.08.1977

  • joined the 1st Company of Panzerregiment 1 in October 1935,

  • left the regiment after completing his one year's service in October 1936,

  • pursued the career of a reserve officer, promoted to Leutnant der Reserve on 01.03.1939,

  • joined 3rd Company Panzerregiment 11 during mobilization on 01.08,1939 and experienced the Polish Campaign,

  • leader of the train of I. Abteilung Panzerregiment 11 during the Western Campaign,

  • serving with the 3rd Company Panzerregiment 11 at the beginning of the Russian Campaign,

  • leader of the 3rd Company from 01.01.1942 until 20.06.1942,

  • severely wounded on 16.12.1942,

  • transferred to Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 11 (hospital),

  • served in Oberkommando des Heeres (Inspektion 3) in 1944,

  • served as a panzer tactic instruktor at Heeres-Nachrichtenschule at the end of the war, last rank: Hauptmann,

  • US-captivity until 11.06.1945,

  • worked as a sales representative after 1946 and was a active member of the veterans association of 6. Panzerdivision (2nd Chairman),



EKI (1941), EKII (1939), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Eastern Front Medal (1942), Black Wound Badge

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