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Lope, Wilhelm

born: 07.11.1912 in Barmen (Wuppertal)

KIA: 13.10.1944 near Ciepielewo

  • joined the 1st Company of Panzerregiment 1 in November1935,

  • left the regiment after completing his one year's service in October 1936,

  • pursued the career of a reserve officer, promoted to Unteroffizier der Reserve in 1937,

  • promoted to Feldwebel der Reserve in the newly formed Panzerregiment 11 in 1938,

  • joined Panzerersatzabteilung 11 in the course of mobilisation in August 1939,

  • promoted to Leutnant der Reserve on 01.08.1940,

  • transferred to the staff of II. Abteilung Panzerregiment 11 after the French Campaign,

  • served with Panzerregiment 11 during the first months of "Barabrossa",

  • served again with Panzerersatzabteilung 11 from 16.12.1941 until November 1943,

  • transferred to I. Abteilung Panzerregiment 27 on 19.11.1943, serving as commander of the 3rd Company,

  • transferred to Panzerregiment 6 on 05.09.1944, serving as commander of the 8th Company,

  • KIA on 13.10.1944 near Ciepielewo (Poland), posthumously promoted to Hauptmann



EKI (1941), EKII (1941), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver (1941)

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