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Rudloff, Paul

Updated: May 15

Born: 13.08.1914 in Weißenfels

  • Paul Rudloff joined the 3rd Company of Aufklärungsabteilung 4 in 1935,

  • pursued the career of an Unteroffizier,

  • transferred in 1937 as an Unteroffizier to the 3rd Company of Panzerregiment 1,

  • transferred along with his company to the newly formed 6th Company of Panzerregiment 36 in November 1938,

  • served during the Polish, French and Russian Campaigns as a Feldwebel and panzer commander with the 6th Company of Panzerregiment 36,

  • two times slightly wounded in 1941, stayed with his unit,

  • severely wounded in June1942, transferred to a hospital at Lublin, this most likely saved him from the Stalingrad fate in Autumn / Winter 1942,

  • returned to Panzerregiment 36 in 1943,

  • is listed as Oberfeldwebel and platoon leader in the 4th Company of Panzerregiment 36 in December 1944,

  • further fate unknown



German Cross in Gold (01.07.1942), Honour Roll Clasp of the Army (15.02.1945), EKI (1941), EKII (1939), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver (grade unknown), Wound Badge (grade unknown)

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